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360 Degree Photography on the FLOURISH Shoot

360 Degree Photography from F Stop Press


Within one of the busiest weeks of our career, the ‘Flourish’ crew filled their days with shooting, dancing, snapping and generally just making a mess!

One of many highlights was when Rod from F Stop Press payed us a visit. F Stop Press are a local photography company who specilaise in 360 degree photography. 360 interactive panorama photography is dynamic, high impact photography which enables the viewer to control how and what they view.  Their experience of the image is enriched by the ability to zoom in and out of the picture, see greater detail, and view every part of the image as if they were actually there. 360’s can be used for any kind of space, of any size, above or below ground.

With only moments to organise, we prepared our ‘shoot’ filming Ewan’s photography studio and using the different set ups that F Stop had to offer we captured a moment of the Flourish story from a whole new angle!

The three final images can be viewed here;

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