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Meet Our Two New Interns

At the beginning of last week, the company director, Jason Elberts was nominated to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge. As a friendly ‘welcome to the team’ he decided to nominate the new marketing intern, Luci, on… read more

Drowning Prevention and the RLSS

Drowning Prevention week is a national campaign aimed to educate people on water safety. Run by the Royal life Saving Society UK, there aim is to reduce incidents of drowning throughout this campaign they are offering… read more

Product Review – Canon C100 & Carl Zeiss Prime Kit

C100 & ZEISS LENS – CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCT REVIEW Since Jet Productions was formed in 2012 almost all of our corporate videography has been completed using canon DLSR’s with Canon lenses. These cameras gave us the… read more

The NHS tell us what they think of the local healthcare

After the success of several past projects for the NHS Newark & Sherwood CCG, our team at Jet Productions were brought in to capture the overall feeling that the doctors, nurses, volunteers and all other staff… read more

Jet Productions now on LinkedIn

Jet Productions is now on LinkedIn Please visit our page for new updates, services and promotions!  

Aqueous Duende to be shown as part of ‘Making Tracks’ at the 2014 London Film Festival

Aqueous Duende to be shown as part of ‘Making Tracks’ at the 2014 London Film Festival   Aqueous Duende, a piece of video art made by Jet Productions director Jason Elberts has been lucky enough to… read more

360 Degree Photography on the FLOURISH Shoot

360 Degree Photography from F Stop Press   Within one of the busiest weeks of our career, the ‘Flourish’ crew filled their days with shooting, dancing, snapping and generally just making a mess! One of many… read more

Experiments Week

Welcome to The Chocolate Factory! Please, watch your step, dodge the ceiling tiles as they fall from the roof and never, ever, feed the mammoth flesh-eating moths, thank you. This is the general gist of the… read more

The Chocolate Factory Adventure

There are many ways to cheat an audience when producing a film. Because the viewer only sees what you want them to see, it is very easy to lure them into complete suspension of disbelief –… read more

FLOURISH Video art project – LIVE on INDIEGOGO

“We have been speaking with Jason for some time as to how his unique approach to film could benefit the paitent experience at Derby Hospitals. The decision to show the work on screens in a series… read more

AIRSTRYKE ‘LIVE THE DREAM’ – Official Music Video

IT’S A HOME RUN AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! That’s right, the long awaited music video we filmed back in April 2013 is here. Spandex, glam rock, hair metal…whatever you’re flavor it’s in there. AIRSTRYKE ‘Live… read more

Make up experiments with Lizzie Mazza

If there was ever a day for pathetic fallacy in the studio, today was it! With thunder and lightning as our backdrop, the talented and skillful Lizzy Mazza gave us our first initial glimpse of what… read more

Jason Elberts Video Art Teaser Trailer & Tests

FLOURISH Yesterday marked the beginning of the preparation for Jason Elberts video art project; FLOURISH. As the word suggests, this art piece aims to be bold, vigorous and to take the viewer on the journey to… read more


To co-incide with the preparation for Jet Productions director Jason Elbert’s upcoming videoart project for Derby Royal Hospital’s flourish exhibition, we thought we should give you a little insight into where some of the inspiration and… read more


For an upcoming exhibition at Derby’s Royal Hospital, Jet Productions director Jason Elberts has been asked to create an original video art piece loosely based on the meaning of the word flourish. The exhibition will run… read more

Our new website created by DE22

“At DE22 we enjoy being unique. After all, why follow the crowd when you can have something extraordinary. Take our clients: they’re confident in who they are and where they want to be. They want something… read more