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Our new website created by DE22

“At DE22 we enjoy being unique. After all, why follow the crowd when you can have something extraordinary.

Take our clients: they’re confident in who they are and where they want to be. They want something more than… something that sets them apart and encapsulates what they stand for. Like us, they won’t settle for second best. They are prepared to be leaders in their field. They are brave enough to consider new ideas, taking the lead and redefining their markets as necessary. That’s why they come to us.”

This is what DE22 did for JET Productions website and one of many reasons why we went to them. We had a hard time looking around and going from web designer to web designer, but in the end it was clear to us. DE22 were in the same building as us, so we arrange a small meeting with the director Martin, who is a great person and knows how to drill down to find out what their clients needs are.

From there they produced a slick and clean looking website, one we are able to control the content ourselves and easily through WordPress.

Just take a look around our website and see the result. So if you’re in need of a new website or upgrades, then we strongly suggest seeing them.

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