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Video Marketing East Midlands

Our corporate video solutions include

  • Viral adverts
  • Promotional adverts
  • Testimonials
  • Logo animations
  • Training videos
  • Events
  • Fully interactive DVD’s with company/project specific menu, inlay and disc designs.
  • DVD extras – making of documentaries
  • “How To”/Review videos

Our film and music video services include:

  • Narrative ‘Short Films’
  • Band Videos
  • Live Gig Performances
  • Logo animations
  • Quick Gig Promos
  • Fully Interactive DVD’s with Band/ Project Specific Menu, Inlay and Disc Designs
  • DVD Extras –Making of Documentaries/ Teaser Trailers/ Bloopers
  • “How To”/ Review Videos
  • Diary Videos/ Blog Videos
  • Band Photography
  • Studio space hire