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For an upcoming exhibition at Derby’s Royal Hospital, Jet Productions director Jason Elberts has been asked to create an original video art piece loosely based on the meaning of the word flourish. The exhibition will run from September to Feburary, being caught by thousands of people each week.

The synopsis so far is as follows;

Power, passion, attraction, the evolution and growth of movement; that is what flourish will explore.  A journey will be taken by our performers, devloping on thier animalistic and natural emotions, along with the depth and texture of thier surroundings. They will reflect upon on of the most simple yet powerful flourishes, the explosion of a star to the creation of a nebula.

Within a warmth of colour, light and movement, the path of this piece will take influence from the beauty of reality and combine to create something that will move worlds.

This will be Jason’s first videoart project where funding will be gained from many different sources, including Arts Council and the National Lottery. The hope is also to collaborate with many other local performers, makeup artists, costume designers, music composers and more!

Therefore we are looking for any local;

–       Makeup artists

–       Photographers

–       Performance artists (From different styles – Ballet/ contemporary/ kathak etc)

–       Composers

–       Costume designers

–       Hair stylists

–       Fine artists that may want to create something to show alongside the finished piece.

If you know of anyone who fits the bill or if you yourself are interested in getting involved in this fun and creative project, then please get in touch!


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