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Jason Elberts Video Art Teaser Trailer & Tests


Yesterday marked the beginning of the preparation for Jason Elberts video art project; FLOURISH. As the word suggests, this art piece aims to be bold, vigorous and to take the viewer on the journey to another world.

The reason for yesterday’s shoot was to experiment with smoke and lighting to create various video art techniques. With assistance from photographer Michelle Papka, Matt Gillooly as the keen electrician and production assistant’s Brett Turner & Becky Claydon, we were able to creatively produce various still and moving images. With Jason as the stand in performance artist the crew worked together to experiment within a simple but powerful set up, producing the marketing images for Air Arts leaflets and website.

I can personally say yesterday’s shoot was a learning experience, which opened my eyes to an innovative & expressive form of video production. I am currently on my third day of work experience with Jet Productions and I have learnt valuable skills that I will apply to my own projects.

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