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Make up experiments with Lizzie Mazza

If there was ever a day for pathetic fallacy in the studio, today was it! With thunder and lightning as our backdrop, the talented and skillful Lizzy Mazza gave us our first initial glimpse of what Flourish could possibly look like with the use of a little water and a lot more paint.

The model, Chelcie Gascoigne arrived at 10am, fresh faced and ready to be photographed, to be greeted by larger than life Lizzy – tool belt armed with many implements at her waist and a pallet of varying colours in hand. During the next hour our poor model was subjected to pokes and prods of brushes, fingers and anything else Lizzy could find really.

After much filming, iPad photography and swapping stories about the impressive light display the night before, Lizzy finally exclaimed that she was finished – and what a result! With the use of pinks, purples, blacks and carefully placed highlights and low lights this pied piper of powders and eyeliners had transformed this human being into an exploding goddess of colour and passion. Our in-house photographer for the day was Ewan Mathers (Ewan will also be joining us throughout this project and will be selling particular prints on our crowd funding page) who lept at the chance to photograph this incredible transformation, with lighting designed by himself and Jason.

Whilst struggling with Jason and I to get the perfect shot without us and our cameras getting in the background, Ewan produced some beautiful and striking photos of this incredible piece of art (as, and I quote from Lizzy here “a person’s face is just like a blank canvas every time” and so is a piece of art work in itself)

After one or two more experimental sketches and poking of our model Chelcie, she was finally set free with a face wipe and a promise of the fantastic photos once they have been processed.

Written by production assistant Becky Clayden

Please visit the project’s facebook group to see all of the finished images,

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