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The NHS tell us what they think of the local healthcare

After the success of several past projects for the NHS Newark & Sherwood CCG, our team at Jet Productions were brought in to capture the overall feeling that the doctors, nurses, volunteers and all other staff of N & S have towards their group and the processes that they have been a part of within their area.

NHS Newark & Sherwood CCG plans and commissions healthcare services in the Newark & Sherwood region. The CCG is clinically-led and represents 15 practices, who make decisions about the healthcare delivered in the region.

The film was screened to members of staff from both NHS Newark and Sherwood and NHS Mansfield & Ashfield CCGs at the teams away day on 21st May 2014 and is also planned to be used at future engagement events to showcase how the CCG engages with its stakeholders.

Jay Staniland, Information Analyst & Communications Support Officer added;

“I enjoy being part of the creative filmmaking process, and to see a result at the end that is well received and tells a story about the CCG and its values. I have learnt that film is really useful in engaging people. It is a useful tool for marketing as it allows the viewers to see the emotion of a person, rather than just reading words on a sheet. This allows the viewer to be more engaged with the person speaking, and tells the story of the organisation much more effectively.”

Even with the tight schedule, the team at N & S worked tirelessly to help us achieve an emotional story, encompassing the passion that each healthcare professional has towards enriching the lives of their patients in any way that they can.

 “The feedback has been very positive overall, most people I spoke to, or overheard (particularly people who didn’t know I was part of the process of making the film) were very inspired by the film and thought it was really well made, while telling the intended story.

I would definitely recommend using Jet Productions to other possible customers, and would definitely work with them again in the future.”

To learn more about what both Newark & Sherwood CCG and Mansfield & Ashfield CCG are doing to support local healthcare, please visit;

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