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Power, passion, attraction, the evolution and growth of movement; that is what flourish aims to explore through themes of the explosion of a star to the creation of a nebula.
Within a warmth of colour, light and movement, the path of this piece takes influence from the beauty of reality with the characters portraying reactions and elements created through a supernova.


Adaire to Dance Performers
Alice Vale
Victoria Heathcote
Louis Parker-Evans
Michael Peter Johnson
Khyle Eccles
Ian Dolan
Emma-Mary Nightingale

Director/ DOP/ Editor/ Producer – Jason Lee Elberts
1st AD/ 2nd Cameraman/ Assistant Producer – Matthew Gilooly
Assistant Producer – Rebecca Clayden
Music Composition – Paul Gmyterko

On Set Photographers
Ewan Mathers
Alyson Jackson
Michelle Papka

Make Up Artist – Lizzie Mazza
Costume Design – Alicia Fludgate

Jim Moore
Brett Turner
Ania Blachnia
Rachel Wright
Declan Mark Cox Lewis
Gwyneth Rose Machin
Chris Atkinson

With thanks to;

Quad Derby

Air Arts


O2 Think Big

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