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JET Productions UNPLUGGED with Dave Collins – Granny’s Back Bedroom

This is me reminiscing about my earliest and fondest memories, living at my Grandparents’ house during the Second World War. My father was away fighting for King and Country. The World was in turmoil, but we were in Heaven! So I fell off the railway bridge and cracked my head open. So Grandma bustled past and accidentally knocked me into the fire. So you couldn’t see the top of the sideboard for clutter. I was surrounded by love and affection which I returned in equal measure. I didn’t know then how happy I was.

In one of three personal acoustic recording videos made for Nottingham based singer/ songwriter Dave Collins we have a heart felt reflectance song that reminisces back to the good old days when summers lasted forever and friends were not electronically known.

Sound recording by Curly Lead Studio Nottingham

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