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MUHA – ‘Kaby Vedala’ (If Only I knew)

‘In memory of my father and everyone lost on 9/11 2001’ – Iryna

Awakening to a twisted and constricting surroundings, our character escapes, going on a journey through the colours, texture and beauty of nature, letting herself be free to flow wherever feels right. Throughout her journey she is able to look back and reflect upon where she has been and what she can do to move on, but no more so than when she comes to the warmth and comfort of the fire lanterns, floating around her like past memories. With this final release she finds herself able to move on from while still keeping a place in her heart for those extra special memories. This video was made to commemorate all who died in the terrorist attacks on 9th September 2001, including MuHa lead singer Iryna’s father.
© muha 2011

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